• Russian is the main Slavic language still in existence and is still spoken in most of the countries of what was once the USSR. Are you having trouble getting the basics of the Russian language? Not to worry, there are several ways to master a second language, even Russian.

    Language Learning Audio

    The most conventional method to learning any language is listening to language learning programs on a personal media device. Since the old days of books on tape, this method has enabled thousands of travelers to order coffee, find a bathroom, survive in cab ride and even travel to the more remote places. Language learning programs on personal media devices range in intensity, skill level and purpose. There are CDs for learning in your car which will help you get by in basic situations. Barron's offers a more intense training and was the U.S. Diplomatic language crash course given to diplomatic assistants in the U.S. embassy in Russia. More intense programs like this offer a full course complement, including textbook and online resources.

    The Tutor

    The next most conventional method of learning to speak Russian is through a tutor. Taking a class or getting one-on-one time with a Russian tutor may be a bit more expensive, but the person-to-person contact often lends a validity and credibility to the language learning process. This method is recommended for the procrastinator but has many side benefits and can be very helpful. Tutors provide not only the lessons in language but a fluent partner who can take you through a language firsthand. Tutors are also more interactive than language learning programs and can more accurately track your progress.

    Computer Programs

    Russian language learning software is fast becoming the trend in language learning. The software combines the economy and freedom of a language learning audio program with the interactivity and progress tracking of a tutor. Rosetta Stone, named after the tablet which allowed modern archaeologists to decipher Hieroglyphics, is the most popular, but Declan Software, Linguata and Word2Word also offer computer aided software. Get the most out of these programs by plugging in a microphone. Many of these programs offer a pronunciation guide which can help you correct your diction and keep you from forming any bad habits along the way.

    Total Immersion

    For the daring, Russian may come easier just by going to a place where only Russian is spoken, usually to Russia or one of the Russian-speaking countries. This method is now being practiced with French by some school districts in Canada, who discipline school children for speaking anything other than French while on school grounds. This type of immersion creates a necessity to learn quickly and comprehensively and works best when used in conjunction with a language learning program or software. Rosetta Stone also practices a partial immersion by speaking to you only in Russian and using pictures instead of the English counterparts in order to train the mind.



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