• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Gas Fireplaces Are Cheap to Run

    A gas burning fire place is cheap to run and is very efficient compared to a wood burning fire place. The efficiency of a wood-burning fireplace is only about 40 percent compared to 80 percent for a gas fireplace (Energy Saving Gas Fireplaces). Also the price of gas is less than the cost of fire wood.

    On the Other: Wood Fire Places are More Popular

    Wood burning fire places are more romantic and nostalgic. There is nothing like a good crackling fire on a cold winter night. But they are also net heat losers. They create a draw in the house that will pull cool air in through cracks and crevasses, and much of the heat they generate goes up the chimney.

    Bottom Line

    While wood burning fireplaces remain popular, gas burning fireplaces are more practical. They are more efficient and cost effective and are better for the environment. In the long run a gas burning fireplace will save money and provide better service to the home. They are also easier to maintain and keep clean.

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