• Microsoft Office Suite is a bundle of software applications catered to home, student or business use. It includes word processing, email management, desktop publishing, and spreadsheet applications.


    Microsoft Word is a word processing application that allows users to create, edit and save documents. These can be basic text documents or long reports that include pictures, graphs and other images.


    Microsoft Excel is a program used to analyze data. In Excel, users can create spreadsheets, perform calculations, create projections and manage statistics.


    Microsoft PowerPoint is an application used to create computer presentations. It is most commonly used as a tool to create personalized and interactive presentations for home, school or business.


    Microsoft Outlook is an email client and calendar. Users can configure their email accounts to feed into this program, as well as maintain a personal calendar and task list.

    For Home

    The most basic package is the Home and Student Suite. This is the least expensive option, and it includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. The step up is the Standard Suite, which replaces OneNote with Outlook.

    For Business

    Microsoft Small Business Suite is the Standard edition, along with a Publisher application. The Professional Suite is a step up, with Access and Accounting Express added on. An Ultimate Suite includes every Office application.


    Microsoft, Inc.

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