• More than 100 different types of parasites may infect humans. Though they frequently infect the abdomen and intestines, they may also thrive in the skin, muscles, blood, lungs, heart and even brain.

    Abdominal Symptoms

    Some symptoms might include constipation, diarrhea, bloating and foul-smelling gas or stool. Abdominal pain may occur, as well as a distended abdomen or irritable bowel syndrome.

    Skin Symptoms

    The skin may suffer lesions, rashes, dry or scaly patches or even cutaneous ulcers. Sometimes inflammation, swelling and itchiness may occur. Symptoms are usually localized to the place of the parasite.

    Blood, Bone and Joint Symptoms

    In severe cases, anemia may occur with several types of parasites, particularly those infecting the intestines. Some parasites may form cysts in the joints, leading to painful swelling and inflammation.

    Behavioral Symptoms

    An individual may feel chronically fatigued due to nutrient drain. He may experience sleep disruption or insomnia. Unusual teeth grinding often occurs in sleeping individuals as well, though this is more noticeable in children.

    Mental Symptoms

    Anxiety, restlessness and irritability often occur with parasitic infections. Much of this is the result of poor nutrition and a lack of sleep, coupled with the uncomfortable physical symptoms.


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