• As an owner of a Kindle Fire. I think it's worth it to buy them. You can own one for just 50 bucks. Here's the catch. You go and find free books at limited time or pay every month $10 for kindle unlimited. This is a payment of thousands of books that authors put out digital. This will allow you to read authors that writes for fun or low time author. They aren't anything like Harry Potter. There are some that has grammer errors, poor plot planning, and some times you wonder why the description aren't as what the story is. Overall, kindle fire is the best for portable and nighttime reading. (P.s) Don't judge my sentence structure. I'm just a kid.
  • yess... you can buy a kindle from..
  • It depends. I had one but just prefer reading books the old fashioned way. Just something about turning the pages/ If you are really into technology it will be worth it for you.
  • Frankly Iike real books. However if it makes you a reader then Im for it.
  • If you like to read from a variety of sources then no. You are better buying a Nook or Kobo instead.
  • I use the Kindle app on my iPhone.
  • That depends. Do you want a device that is portable so that you can read books without charts or graphs or diagrams "on the go" and for cheap? If you do, then get a kindle. If you generally read only at home and are comfortable reading from your desktop or laptop, get the free kindle software instead. If you need to read textbooks with charts and diagrams and such, and you ABSOLUTELY NEED a portable platform, consider the largest of the Onyx e-readers (Onyxbooks). Note that Onyxbooks are also plain-jane Android devices (unlike Kindle), and so useful for running apps such as Logos and useful for accessing e-libraries (nearly all e-libraries) in addition to Amazon's e-library. You'll pay more for an Onyxbook, but if you need that extra flexibility with size or with multiple e-libraries it's probably worth it. *** Caveat: even the largest Onyxbook in my opinion is not really large enough for books with charts and graphs and diagrams and so-on. It's barely larger than a trade paperback - that is to say: not nearly as large as the typical college textbook. E-readers that have the same quality and utility as actual textbooks have yet to come on the market.
  • I downloaded the app on my iPhone and read books all of the time.
  • I use Kindle for Android. It works just as well.
  • If you have an iPhone install the Kindle app.

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