• Chocolate-covered strawberries are beautiful and delicious, but they can be difficult to store. Chocolate keeps better under different conditions than strawberries, which presents a quandary when they are combined. Despite these challenges, storing chocolate-covered strawberries can be accomplished with special care.

    Proper Storage

    Chocolate develops beads of condensation when it is stored in the refrigerator. Strawberries do not tend to last very long when they are kept unrefrigerated. Since chocolate-covered strawberries combine the two, both needs must be accommodated. Leaving the stems and leaves on will help to preserve the berries---not to mention provide instant handles as you dip the berries into the chocolate. After you've dipped them, place the berries in the refrigerator for about half an hour so that the chocolate hardens. Use a parchment paper-lined sheet pan to support them so they do not stick to the pan when you put them into the refrigerator. This will also make cleanup easier after the chocolate has fully hardened and your berries are ready. Unless conditions in your house are hot and humid, your chocolate-covered strawberries will keep best if they are enclosed in an airtight container and kept at room temperature. Ideally, they should be eaten within 24 hours, according to chocolate expert Gilla of Nestle. She also advises that they can be stored in the refrigerator if you prefer, but should be brought to room temperature again before you eat them. If your chocolate-covered strawberries develop condensation, carefully wipe them with a napkin as soon as you remove them from the refrigerator. Do not wait to do this, as the chocolate will soften and become more prone to smudges and melting as it gets warmer. If you wipe them while they are still cold, you will have a better chance of only removing that unwanted condensation, rather than damaging the chocolate. Wherever you choose to store your chocolate-covered strawberries, do not stack them or put them too close to one another. Stacking or crowding them can result in both chocolate and berry damage. This will not look pretty and may encourage the berries to decay more quickly.

    Source: Storing Dipped Strawberries

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