• Owning a dog means having it vaccinated at least every three years for rabies and also getting booster shots. Having the shots in a veterinarian's office adds to the cost.


    All states require a rabies vaccination every three years except Alabama, which requires an annual rabies vaccination. Booster shots for parvovirus and distemper are also required and normally given at the same time.

    For Puppies

    Puppies require three to four sets of vaccinations, so shots cost more during their first six months. Depending on the veterinarian, puppy vaccinations range from $49 to $300 per set.

    For Dogs

    Low-cost clinics often charge less than private veterinarians. Average clinic prices (as of December 2009) were around $49 for the rabies and the booster shots.


    Dogs and especially puppies that do not receive vaccinations have a chance of contracting parvovirus, distemper or rabies. Puppies' immune systems are not fully developed and vaccinations are the best way of protecting them.


    Veterinarians running low-cost clinics are attempting to make vaccinations less expensive so people will have their dogs vaccinated. Dogs can receive vaccinations at Petco locations throughout the U.S. at specified times and locations for much lower prices.


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