• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Helps Long-term Memory

    Music is helpful in recalling long-term memories. According to a study performed by the University of California at Davis Center for Mind and Brain, music triggers a certain region in the brain that helps us recall memories. Music and memories are inherently linked together.

    On the Other: Hinders Short-term Memory

    Music hinders short-term memory results. According to a study that appeared in the "Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology," music has a disrupting effect on short-term memory. Vocal-based music is more disrupting than instrumental music.

    Bottom Line

    Music is a positive and negative force in terms of memory recall. It is useful in triggering parts of the brain, which can be a good thing or bad thing depending on the your intentions. Music helps long-term memory and hinders short-term memory.


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