• If you are wondering whether additional PIP coverage is needed in addition to your inexpensive car insurance policy, the answer depends on whether you want to be financially or legally protected by the coverage. Legally, your policy should include the PIP coverage required. Financially, you may benefit by increasing the coverage amount.

    PIP Explained

    PIP (Personal Injury Protection) covers your injuries and lost wages in the event of a car accident, usually in no-fault states. Your insurance covers your injuries regardless of who caused the accident.

    Minimum State Requirements

    Not all states require PIP coverage. If a state does, such as Florida, the insurance you purchase from a licensed agent will include the minimum amount you need to drive legally.

    Cheap Insurance

    Most of the cheap insurance policies advertised are minimum coverage plans meaning they include the lowest amounts of coverage you can purchase and still drive legally in your state. Policies cannot be sold that do not meet the state minimum.

    Additional PIP Coverage

    Drivers can opt to add more PIP coverage. In Florida, the minimum required as of 2009 was $10,000, an amount that may not last long for a serious injury or lengthy periods of being unable to work.

    PIP And Health Insurance

    Adding more PIP coverage may not be necessary for drivers who already have health insurance. PIP should pay for any deductibles or co-insurance required, however. Lost wages will still be coverage by PIP, too.


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  • Regardless if the auto insurance is "good or cheap" I suggest upping the limits. Some limitations are frequently around $25M and in my area there are a lot of $100M vehicles. So so if you take out you'll have about $75M to pay out of pocket but it is amazing how little it costs to up your limits a LOT.

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