• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: What to Give

    Betsy Goldberg of Modern Bride magazine said in a 2008 Wall Street Journal story that the typical amount to spend on a wedding gift was $75. If a wedding guest were to bring a date, the amount should be $150. Figures attributed to the in the same story were $75 to $100 for a co-worker, $100 to $125 for a relative or friend and up to $150 for a close friend or relative.

    On the Other: When Not to Give

    Depending on the couple and their culture, a cash gift could be in poor taste. If you are unsure, check with other people who are going to the wedding.

    Bottom Line

    It is generally acceptable to give cash gifts at weddings. In fact, some couples select a person in the wedding party to be responsible for collecting the cash. While $75 and $150 is a typical amount, keep in mind that most brides and grooms do not want their guests to go broke. If you cannot afford $75 to $150, give what you can.


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  • thats up to the person and how much they want to give

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