• If you find it hard to get an insurance company to give you a policy, you may have heard of the high-risk insurance option. Generally, these plans are more expensive and less comprehensive than a normal policy.


    High-risk insurance plans are special policies that insurers have for people that represent an abnormally greater chance of costing the insurer money than an "average" client, reports


    You can get a high risk insurance policy for just about anything, but the most common plans are health, including life insurance, or auto-related, reports


    High-risk insurance policies exist to get people coverage even if they are considered "uninsurable" by a typical plan, reports the National Association of State Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans.


    As a response to the dangers of having the "medically uninsurable" live with health insurance, many states now have special programs that pool risky, uninsured people together to get them some level of health insurance, reports NASCHIP.


    While the medically uninsurable often have no say in the matter due to health conditions beyond their control, high risk drivers can make themselves look more enticing an insurance company and lower their premiums, reports Car Seek. Take a defensive driving course, buy a safer and more moderate car, and pay any traffic tickets.


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