• Small claims courts are a way for people to settle disputes involving small amounts of money or contractual obligations quickly and inexpensively. Although a claimant may consult with an attorney about his problems, attorneys generally are not allowed to appear in small claims courts.

    Damage Limits

    States set the amount of damages which can be recovered in small claims courts. It can be as low as $1,500 or as high as $25,000, depending on the state, according to legal publisher

    How It Works

    If someone owes you $1,000 and you retain an attorney to recover the debt, his fees could account for a tidy chunk of that. There are costs to file a small claim, but the fees are minimal and can be recovered from the defendant if you win, according to

    Homework Involved

    Since an attorney is usually not involved, it's up to you to prepare your case to present to the judge. Always make copies of all documents for the judge and the defendant.

    How to File in Small Claims Court

    Small claims rules vary from state to state. Check with your county clerk's office for forms and other information.

    Small Claims Trials

    Small claims trials are held before a judge. The judge will decide the case on the evidence presented by each side.

    Source: How Much Can I Sue for in Small Claims Court? Small Claims Court

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