• Roses and rose petals have long symbolized love and devotion. They are the ultimate sign of devotion and romance; however, there are other meanings to rose petals, depending on their color.

    Reds & Purples

    Red rose petals symbolize love, passion and respect, and coral rose petals are associated with desire or lust. Purple or lilac rose petals mean love at first sight and enchantment.

    Yellows & Oranges

    Yellow rose petals mean friendship, freedom, caring and happiness, and orange rose petals display feelings of enthusiasm and fascination.

    Pinks & Peach

    Dark-pink rose petals symbolize appreciation and gratitude; however, light or pale pink rose petals mean sympathetic thoughts and grace. Peach rose petals show modesty.


    White rose petals are a symbol of innocence, humility, truth, purity and reverence.


    When combining rose petals, such as red and yellow, the petals then symbolize elation or joviality. Yellow and white rose petals together stand for harmony.


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