• Reckless driving can risk the lives of everyone on the road, and even bystanders. People may get ticketed for reckless driving in Florida even with no intent to harm. Reckless driving results in some of the harshest misdemeanor penalties in Florida.

    The Facts

    The state of Florida considers any motorist who knowingly breaks traffic laws and endangers the safety of other people and property as driving recklessly, according to the Florida Senate.


    Reckless driving citations are hard to convict in court because it is a judgment call by the police and requires proving intent, not just negligence, reports TicketLawyer.


    First-time reckless-driving offenders in Florida can receive a fine ranging from $25 to $500 and/or up to 90 days in jail. Repeat offenders are hit with a fine between $50 and $1,000 and/or up to six months in jail, according to the Florida Senate.

    Fun Fact

    Fleeing from police authorities is automatically considered reckless driving in Florida, according to the Florida Senate.


    Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reports that a reckless-driving conviction usually negatively affects a person's driving privileges. The courts may impound your car for 10 days, suspend your driver's license for up to one year, and order drug rehabilitation if it concurs with a DUI.


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