• Whether it's the first time or the tenth, losing your cell phone is a situation that can make you panic. The average cell phone has a significant amount of personal information that can't be easily retrieved without it. If you misplace your cell phone, calm down and try the most logical steps that you can take to find your cell phone before escalating the search into an all-out campaign.

    Call From Another Phone

    Calling your phone to hear the ring tone is sometimes the easiest way to locate your lost cell phone. Use a landline or borrow someone else's cell phone to call your phone. If you hear your phone ringing, you'll be able to locate your phone. If you don't hear the phone and it's possible that you left it somewhere outside of the house, someone else may hear the phone and pick it up to answer it. If this occurs, ask the person where your phone is so you can go get it.

    Call From Online

    If there is no phone available to call your cell, go to You'll be able to type in your cell phone number and make a call to your phone. Just like calling your phone from a land line, hearing the ring tone often enables you to track down your missing phone.

    Make a Logical Search

    This is where you should take a deep breath and think things through before acting. Calmly try to remember the last time that you used your phone. Where were you? Who were you talking with? What was the conversation about? These questions may jog your memory about what happened to the phone next. Did you set it down on a restaurant table? The restaurant may have it in their lost-and-found box. Did you slip it in a pocket? It could be in the laundry basket. Were you at work? The phone may still be there. Remembering your last call can be the beginning of knowing where to look for your phone.

    Contact Friends and Relatives

    Even if it's embarrassing to admit that you've lost your cell phone again, try calling or emailing friends and relatives that you've seen in the past couple of days. Someone may have found your cell phone and put it aside, meaning to call you and then forgetting. A coworker might have your phone in their desk drawer. It's worth a call just to take a chance at finding your cell phone.

    Call Your Cell Phone Provider

    If all else fails and you can't find your phone, call your cell phone provider. If your phone is enabled with a GPS unit, they may be able to track it down. If not, reporting your cell phone as lost or stolen will help in combating any unwarranted phone call charges that you may get on your bill next month, in case someone unsavory should happen to pick up your cell and use it, incurring charges.


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