• Street safety signs are produced by specialty sign companies, which in turn sell their products to municipalities. Signs must meet rigorous safety standards set by the Department of Transportation and other authorities before they are put into service.


    Street signs weren't always necessary since heavy traffic was not an issue in most rural towns. After the invention of the automobile, the need for traffic signs was apparent.


    Street signs serve many functions, including providing directions, interchange information, speed limits and other public information. The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), published by the United States Federal Highway Administration, "is the law governing all traffic control devices."


    If you wish to own a traffic sign, you can purchase reproductions from brick and mortar novelty stores. There are also hundreds of online vendors that can personalize a sign to your specifications.

    Famous Ties

    Pop artists have long used street signs in their work. From Andy Warhol to contemporary, lesser-known artists, street signs are an important part of the culture in which we live and are reflected in modern art.


    While it may seem like a childish prank to steal a street sign, it is illegal and can cause real harm to motorists and pedestrians. It also costs municipalities money to replace stolen signs, which comes directly from taxpayers.


    Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

    Arts Journal - Example of street sign art

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