• Call the police.
  • If the person was beating the child the yes, I would do something. But a good old fashioned spanking never hurt anyone. Well, yeah it hurt, you know what i mean! :-D +5
  • Offer my!
  • That is what is wrong with the world today. If a child is bad, an ass whipping is in order. Why would you call the police if someone is disciplining their child? I struggled and screamed as a child when I was getting spanked, I think other kids would do the same. Nobody wants to get spanked( as a child anyways).
  • If the child looks like he or she is in pain, I would alert the manager. I would NOT call the police unless the child was being hurt by the parent. If the child is screaming and struggling, the parent should remove the child from the store.
  • spanking is none of my business. I would probably walk up to the parents and say thank you for disciplining your child. Beating is my business and I would immediately call the police and follow her and get license plate number. A child will ALWAYS scream and struggling if they are not getting their way. When is the last time you saw a small child who was told no and they accepted it and didn't throw a fit. I bet it's been years because children hate the word NO.
  • I would not call the police or intervene if a child was just getting a swat on the butt, it's more the shock them out of the mindset they are in than to inflict pain. That said, if I see someone hit a child anywhere but a swat on the ass, I am going to become involved pretty quick +5
  • it isnt someone else's place to tell you how to go about disciplining your child. if you think they deserve a good swift smack on the butt then thats what they should get. i never got that in a store because i afraid of getting in trouble in public because its embarrassing. but if i want to swat my kid then thats what i will do. people who call the police obviously never had children and know how they act.
  • I am not opposed to spanking a small child on his or her butt. Why should I even want to call the police on a parent that is exercising their love for their child by teaching and administering boundaries for proper behavior.
  • It depends, how hard is the child being hit? How many times? what has the child done? If the child was misbehaving and the parent is giving them a light, but firm smacking on the rear then that's fine, it is not my business how a parent disciplines their child; however, if their absolutely, and obviously beating the hell out of this kid for no reason I'm likely to call the police, and then get involved.
  • well if it was just a spank than its cool but is it was vicius beating than they would get a brocken jaw. and yeah even if its an 80 year old granny
  • Not business or my place. . I would assume the child was being irrational and bratty to drive a parent to do that in a public place....
  • No, I'm not calling no damn police. There's a different between spankings and abuse. Spanking are used as a form of discipline when a child is misbehaving. Abuse is you beat on your kid because you had a bad day.
  • After this past weekend experience, yes, I'd intervene. I go over and offer MY BELT!!! Some of these kids NEED a good a$$-whooping, to remind them of proper "store behavior!!!!"
  • screaming and stuggling sounds like a temper tantrum; if you think the childs in serious danger and the parent is completly out of control then I would call the police, one thing to remember is most parents will defend there children even when the parent is out of control, if you try to intervene dont be suprised you get a fist in your face.
  • Nope. If it's just a spank on the ass and the kid is throwing a temper tantrum it's not my problem or responsibility. If I see an adult hitting a child with a closed fist, or something, then I will definitely intervene. You shouldn't hit a child, and you never know, maybe that person isn't even the childs parent.
  • It is not my place to intervene. Perhaps if it was violent than yes, but if it was a spanking then I can not stop the parent from doing what he or she feels is needed in such a situation. I may not agree with them but that does not mean I can tell them how to parent. Same SHOULD go with everyone else who would observe the scene.
  • Hell no. Most of these kids nowadays need a good asskicking.
  • i would call the police, especially if they were spanking them really hard

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