• Heck yes it was! It really brought out Jacobs side of the story, and it was just overall more intense!
  • For sure! I think the director of New Moon did a much better job than what was done for Twilight! Those who haven't read the books have no idea how much they are missing! Friends of mine who haven't read the books liked the movie Twilight, but when I saw it I thought "how confusing." I think that the Twilight director had a hard time getting the substance of the book onto the screen, so the movie was kinda just a hollow shell of the story. New Moon better reflected the book. Even though the book did not have Bella writting to Alice after the Cullens had moved,I beleive adding that to the movie was a very good decision made by the director of New Moon. It made Bella more real to the audience, and if it wouldn't have been added, the movie wouldn't have made any more sense than the Twilight movie did. I am definately a Twilight fan and own the dvd of the first movie. My dvd player has played that movie so many times and I have yet to see the entire film! I love the book, but that movie wont even hold my attention enough to keep me awake! New Moon captured my attention and my emotions (I was bawling for much of the movie)!
  • Yes it is. But it is just little bit better than twilight. It was very close competition between both these movies. Both are fantastic movies.

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