• Sharona that stoned towl
  • Keithold, Phillis and Suby are all rather wise.
  • Firebrand
  • that`s me i think you will find
  • the guy that is making the money from it ,obviously
  • The wisest have all left by now. Even more will be gone after Tuesday. +5
  • Suby is the wisest in my opinion. He is wise in all subjects! A walking Encyclopedia Set! lol +5 Fearless!
  • I've seen some pretty profound wisdom coming from many, many, many ABers and I would be hard pressed to pick which was the wisest.
  • Moongrim! Hands down!
  • Glenn Blaylock.
  • Depends what you consider wise. There are lots of intelligent people on AB who have common sense in different areas. Wise are often those who make you think for yourself, not those who always give their opinion. Most people consider those wise who agree with them the most. Think about it. Is intelligence and knowledge wise? Is someone who agrees with you wise?
  • RosieGHM Jetpacker has really deep thoughts.
  • The ones who seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions.
  • There are a few I can think of but if forced to choose one I would say BigDaddyBS. His insight, maturity, honesty and balanced good advice is phenomenal... and he's funny too. Following closely: Rosie MRSHINYSHOES
  • Ice Man. He keeps his snow tyres on, even in Summer.
  • If you mean wise by a "high level" through the old AB system: that would be anyone who wasted their life on the old AB by spending an enormous amount of time asking and answering questions for the heck of it. The worst part about it is, little did they know about AB closing down at the end of 2015. Their devoted time, effort and their levels of reaching Genius to Illuminati all went in the garbage. Talk about time wasted is life wasted. Not wise at all. Many of them were jobless with nothing else better to do, but to spend most of their time on AB 24/7. That crushed their spirits when the old AB closed down, which is why you don't see those popular ABers around the new AB. You might see 1 in thousands. My level was Swami. If I would have had a higher level, only to see that all the time I spent here was in vain, I would've been ticked off. AB is a source of entertainment, although I don't spend much time here. To those who did, it is no surprise why they went to other Q&A websites like Fluther, Yahoo Answers, answerMug, etc.
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      To me, a wise person is someone who is versatile, both physically and spiritually. The wisest people that I've seen here is Rick and Jewels Vern. Those guys will touch on every subject you can think of. I believe we are here to reason with others, instead of seeing the blind lead the blind.

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