• Make 'em all posthumus and gain the rights to an anthology disc?! ;-)
  • Treat them with gifts for cristmas
  • You certainly have a urinary theme going on in your latest questions. You could resort to keeping the zucchinis in the greenhouse, so when the Brothers Glibb want to pee on them they'll have to pee on the greenhouse instead. That means what? That means you can hide a video camera somewhere in the greenhouse and get pics of the Glibbs whilst peeing. Then you can sell the pics to the tabloids or on EBay... Get some money out of the deal to pay for all of that broken glass.
  • They just want attention. Invite them in and let them tell you stories, like the time good old Maurice got caught having sex with a chilli cheese burrito when they played in Mexico. Or about their brother Theobald who was too ugly to put on an album cover but had a beautiful voice so they kept him chained under the stage.Or the time Robin dyed his pubes to impress David Bowie... The stories these guys can tell are endless.
  • It's alright, it's ok, you can look the other way. Whether you're a brother or a mother the best thing you can do is staying alive when they arrive at your house.
  • That's just their jive talkin. Stay away. Robin is officially the ugliest mother fucker that walks the Earth! He'll turn you to stone.
  • Tragedy! "How deep is your love" for zucchini? Don't they know it's a "Cucumber Castle"? Would they rather live "Life in a tin can?" I think you need to write them a letter: "To whom it may concern", "I got to get a message to you" - My zucchini are "Rare, precious and beautiful". I planted them on the "First of May" and I want to eat them for dinner for me "Main Course", with my "Mass of Chew Sets". They may grow "Horizontal", but "Size isn't everything". If you want to be "Stayin' alive", then "Don't forget to remember" to "Turn around, Look at us!". "and the sun will shine......."
  • Electrify the Zucchinis............
  • call victoria principle they will leave +
  • Make zucchini bread and give it to them for Christmas.
  • Get your meds adjusted, worked for me. +5
  • As the Daleks would say, "Exterminate!"

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