• The more peircings you have the more likely you are to get in infection. But if you are a clean person the risk is reduced. You are more likely to risk infections is you have peircings in places where skin is folded (you know ;o)). I know a lot of people with a lot of peircings and most of them have never had a problem. When a peircing has just been done there is the greatest risk of infection, so you have to clean them with surgical spirit or something similar. I'd go for it if I was you, I you ever have a problem you can just take it out...
  • No i dont think it is harmful to have too many.As long as you keep them clean.I dont think you can have too many though.
  • I can't really see exactly how several piercings can be dangerous. If you keep them clean, then your fine. But, if you have a tendency to get into alot of fights it would be wise. I accidentally snugged my eyebrow ring on my own hair once and it hurt like hell.
  • It can be, as the follog news stories show, septiceamia (blood poisoning) is a risk with piercings, particularly ones not done by a reputable piercer, and the more piercings you have, the greater the risk is going to increase: Whilst its important to be aware of these risks if you are planning on extensive body piercing, you should also keep it in perspective. If you use a reputable piercer, keep your piercing clean, and seek medical attention IMMEDIATLY should you feel unwell, you should be OK. See it as a bit like the risk of AIDs with sex- you increase your risk the more times you have sex, you reduce it by being careful: but there is always SOME risk. Its crucial to be aware of that.
  • not that i know of

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