• Yes I sure do
  • I think I do. And I KNOW I am very good at getting them. lol.
  • Yep. I know because whenever I give someone a massage they won't stop hounding me for more. ...Wow, that sounds dirty.
  • Meh, I'm alright. My massages are kinda girly, and my hands get sore, but I try!
  • Yes, I do. My husband always wants me to massage his shoulders. I have a good friend who used to do a mail delivery route near to one of the places I lived in. He used to turn up on the way to get me to work on his shoulders. My husband (he is a pastor, so, in those days worked from home) used to laugh so hard that the mailman never delivered, just came to take. LOL
  • I'm pretty least I think I am. I've been asked repeatedly for them, so I've gotta be doing something right.
  • Yes I do. My spousal unit always appreciates a massage from me, especially as I sometimes break into spontaneous bouts of massage. I frequently go all the way with the heated oil, scented candles, and relaxing music massage.
  • So I've heard. :) I've been practicing since 1994 and it used to make me some pretty nice pocket money in my spare time. :) The longest one I ever did took about 5 hours and 30 minutes (and to think she was a nervous first-timer who wasn't sure she wanted full-body). I think my ability to make people feel calm and safe in addition to feeling physically better probably says a lot about my quality as a practitioner.
  • I'm decent at it, no ones ever complained at least.
  • No, I have really bad arthritis in my hands, so after about 2 minutes or so my hands hurt too much.
  • I'll "toot my own horn" and say that I give an awesome massage - at least that's what all my clients have told me. I've been a Massage Therapist for 7 years and love the work I do for people. It's a very relaxing and rewarding career!
  • I give a pretty good massage and am learning shiatsu, too. My husband who is a massage therapist and knows many modalities, has been teaching me and he says I'm doing a great job. And now I've moved on to family members and they are very happy:-)
  • Yes even if I do say so myself..I learned all the little pressure points during martial arts works in massage :)
  • Yes I do!! Seeing as I keep a steady business!! ((I'm a licensed Esthetician so I do body massage alot...and facials))
  • Yes. I have studied and now I teach acupressure massage therapy and pressure point martial arts.
  • I am told I do. I do the head to toes thing.
  • Indeed, I do.
  • i am told that i do; but my aunt is great at massage!
  • For the money I payed for school, I better!!
  • I think I do but I know I am good at receiving them. ;)
  • i use to until my thumb on my right hand started acting up and hurts and i lose my grip at times. I use to give my husband a full body massage.
  • I am an Acupressurist by profession. And I have healed many people of their back and neck pains. And they certainly like the way I do the massage.
  • Apparently so. I spent four years in college. Initially i went to learn Aromatherapy but i had to do a year of body massage first to qualify as it involved a lot of anatomy and physiology. Even though i wasn't really interested i had to do it anyway. It turns out that im better at that than anything. I now work with a domestic violence team and they love it. I know that i am making a difference and that makes a hell of a difference to me.
  • Id like to think I do. I took classes for it. I still have my table too. I neva had any complaints.
  • I've been told that I do ... One client even refers to my massage as "Sexifying"
  • i believe i'm told im good :)
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