• I've never been to Facebook or My Space or any of those other social sites Barb. As for games, I have the one that is like scrabble..."Bespelled". I think I might have mentioned that to you. I am about as addicted to it as I am to Answerbag. I go there as regularly as I am on AB regularly. Do you enjoy those other places? Are you as active a member of Facebook or My Space as you are on AB? Happy Friday! :) ((hugs))
  • I am active at FB but I do not play the games. I have most of them blocked as my friends results clog up my page.
  • LOL!!! Oh Barb, you know I am. I've been having to explain to my husband why I can't go to bed just yet since I'm waiting for my turkeys to finish roasting so I can cook something overnight LOL!!!!! He's so patient, the sweet guy :-)
  • Mafia Wars. Totally hooked. *Sigh*.
  • I play all those games. Completely hooked. I always have 2 tabs open at the same time. One tab that's on AB and the other tab that's on Facebook where I just switch back n forth. (I have been playing Mafia Wars for over a year now, when it was first released and I have 5 accts I play that app on) I also have a big farm and just made level 19 on Fishville.
  • No i'm not otherwise I wouldn't have time to do anything else, I have just discovered e-bay though...:0)
  • Nope and don't you dare get me started JPB! :)
  • I was totally addicted to Farm Town over the summer. I quit when school started and I'm afraid to get back on even for "just a little bit".
  • I'm a recovering Farmville addict. After realizing how much time I spent playing FB games that I could be spending doing something more useful (like AB?...), I quit every game that required me to return in a set period of time to prevent crops from dying, get the brownies out of the oven, etc. I still enjoy Lil Green Patch and Scramble, which I can play on my own timelines.
  • Er excuse just need to nip over and harvest my cabbages..................... sorry about that MumB :) now where were we oh yea....... yes totally addicted to Farm Ville and Farm Town and Bejewelled! But i'm still here more than there *_^ +5
  • Happy aquarium ^.^
  • I don't play any of the games. And it's pretty dang annoying when people keep sending me gifts and crap.
  • Yeah I'm There and here alot!!
  • I'm a frequent Facebook user. If possible I log in on a daily basis, but no, I haven't yet tried any of those games, one of the main reason being precisely their addictiveness. I think I have my plate full with constant e-mails, keeping an eye on Answerbag, a blog of mine I just started, Facebook sans those apps. etc. Besides I have to get at least some work done at my job, : ) so I just fly in and out of those places. Same as Cowboys, I have blocked all invitations or updates from my FB friends in that regard. I've already talked to some of them about it, telling them it's nothing personal.
  • I have avoided most of them, as I do spend a lot of time on facebook already. But, because so many of my friends play them, I did get "sucked in" to YoVille and then Farmville. I just came from doing some "harvesting," actually! LOL!
  • Happily I have managed to stay away from games of every description on the internet. I wouldn't want to be hooked to a game a waste my time playing all day. I am very much aware how addictive they can be. Answerbag can never be as addictive as the games and ABing keeps the wheels in our brain turning smoothly like a sewing machine, in my experience. I am all for the Answerbag.
  • Pathwords, Twirl (Word game) and Bubble town. I avoid anything like the farm games ~ I'm on dialup and just dont have the patience for them to load - it would probably be faster to harvest my own garden than one on Facebook! Although i do still admittedly still have a "Green patch" garden ~ but it's pretty overgrown from lack of activity!
  • lol i used to be so addicted to Farmville! it was awful!!
  • I am so ADDICTED, LOL Farmville Cafe World Fishville
  • Quite a few, usually 6-8 at a time, but the list changes as some grow old, some catch my eye, others I get back into for old times sake....
  • absolutley, in fact desperatley trying to cut back!!
  • Was kinda addicted to Vampire Wars for a while. Gave it up.
  • No, Answerbag is enough. Answering questions on this site feels like I'm playing a game. And that's because I move from question to question rapidly.

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