• First, you can look your lawyer up on the state bar website. This will not tell you if he has won cases, but it will tell you how long he has been a lawyer and if he had any sanctions imposed. Second, you can try sources like Martindale-Hubbell. These sources will probably not tell you anything negative, but they do indicate some of the top lawyers. However, I would caution you against using “successful cases” as your measure of a good attorney (depending on your type of case). Some great attorneys take many cases that they will probably lose because the law is not on their side. However, these lawyers will take the cases to advocate for a change in the law. Conversely, many shitty lawyers will take every case they can and settle quickly (thus, they have an almost 100% success rate, yet did not recover what a better lawyer could have). And a word of caution, the only “success rate” you are going to get is what the lawyer tells you. Not the most objective source of information.
  • Lexis/Nexis

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