• Small rooms, close neighbors, and only 1 bathroom
  • 1. Undesirable next-door neighbors. 2. A possibly high crime rate 3. "Too cold" winters +5
  • You cannot tell if you'd have nice neighbours. The estate agent wants to make a sale, so will say almost anything. Three things I look for are:~ Location of the property; wouldn't buy in a depressed area Soundness of the building; would avoid dry rot and signs of leakage Suitability for my situation; wouldn't want to do a major overhaul
  • A 300 pound man without a shirt, three teeth, and holding a shot gun sitting on the porch would be enough for me. +5
  • Homeowners Association-aka suburban gestapo. Out of date kitchen and baths- High $$ to remodel those. Small yard.
  • Bad foundation Bad windows Bad wiring
  • neighbors holes on the walls area that the house is(dirty,filthy etc)
  • location neighbors HOA fee schools unfavorable interest rate
  • Busy street, no privacy in backyard, major repairs needed
  • Hey there SexyRabbit! Yeah, I'd agree with what the first poster said as to the top three turn-offs of buying a prospective house. Are you wanting to know what the turn-offs are so that you can avoid them in the process of selling your house? Well, hmm, here's a good real estate article on what to do to make your house more sellable: The overall link to the real estate section of the same informative site is this: I hope this helps!
  • HOA fees, location, what way it is facing / direction the sun light comes in
  • When we were house hunting, there was one house we couldn't even go through the tour because it smelled so strongly of piss. That one stands out to my mind to this day. It was REALLY bad!
  • Next door neighbors Located on a busy street Small closets and bathrooms
  • Located next to: a golf driving range, chicken farm or an airport

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