• Malicious is an adjective or descriptive word with negative connotations. It is often used to describe behavior as opposed to people. It is derived from the word malice.

    Definition 1

    Malicious means to be full of malice or a willful desire to conjure hurt, harm, injury or suffering, whether it be physical or otherwise.

    Definition 2

    When used as a legal term, maliciousness is used to describe motivation. It connotes viciousness, wantonness or mischievousness in purpose.

    Definition 3

    A person can be of or have a disposition for malice. The Oxford English Dictionary describes it as being "addicted to sentiments or acts of ill will; full of hate."

    Definition 4

    When one is said to be wicked, sinful or pre-disposed to evil, they are malicious.


    Malware, or malicious software, is software created for the express purpose of infiltrating, corrupting and/or damaging a computer system without the owner's knowledge or consent.


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