• When buying or selling an automobile, it is important to get offers from numerous sources. By obtaining multiple car quotes, you can ensure that you are getting the best deal possible. New and used car dealerships will gladly give consumers a selling price (car quote) for a specific vehicle. At the same time, dealerships will give you a quote on your car if you are looking to sell or trade-in your car. There are online resources available to show you the value of your vehicle.

    New Cars

    Online car quotes are becoming a sensation. Each major car manufacturer allows consumers to view specifications on car models it produces. Once you find the right car, you can request to find an auto dealer near you. The site will have a link to the dealership's website, where car buyers can leave an email address or phone number and information on the car for which they are looking. Within the next few days, a representative from the dealership will give you a price on that automobile.

    Used Cars

    Used car quotes are quite easy to find and navigate. and all have extensive inventories of cars, and all have price quotes to go with each vehicle. These particular websites are not limited to one dealer's inventory, so they boast a wide variety of cars and prices.

    Trading In

    Some new car purchasers trade-in their vehicle at the dealership from which they are buying their car. The dealer will give a quote as to how much it is willing to pay for your car. This amount will be taken off the price of your new purchase.

    Quoting a Car

    Before you trade-in or sell your car privately, it is important to understand the value of your automobile. Everybody can get a quote on an auto, and it's very easy. or Kelly Blue Book will accurately produce a quote on any vehicle. All you have to do is enter information on the car's make, model, mileage and condition. The quote you receive is an important tool to getting the most value for your auto.


    Car quotes are just that---quotes. The price is not written in stone. When buying new or used, selling or trading in, know that the prices are negotiable. New and used car dealers are eager to get rid of inventory. Get your new car quote and your trade-in quote, and get to work looking for the best deal possible.


    Kelley Blue Book

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