• Considering both sides lost I guess you could say that.
  • Interesting idea. The Cold War caused the Soviet Union to spend itself into collapse. It turns out now that the US was also near financial collapse but took 18 years longer to fall. The world has yet to realize it, but US Treasury bonds really aren't worth the paper they are printed on. The US is so deeply in debt that it could never be repaid. Right now, large holders of these bonds only buy more in hopes of propping up the system long enough to get something back. Raw capitalism has proven as much as failure as Soviet communism. What will evolve, who knows? Perhaps some blend of capitalism and socialism. Hopefully not some Fascist alliance of big business and totalitarianism. +2
  • Yes. Global warming thawed it out.
  • No. The Soviet Union definately lost. The U.S. definately won. But as Will Rogers said... "America has never lost a war and never won a peace!"

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