• No big deal either way, but in many cases, "sloppy seconds" means that the babe will be much better "lubricated." +5
  • Well, I would not want to stir anyone else`s porridge.
  • it really don't matter to me It's all about what the woman wants and that she gets pleased in every way.
  • It really wouldn't matter, but it really does feel good to slid in when she is hot and slick, I would take more than one turn anyway.
  • I wouldn't want to be the first born. I don't mind seconds when it comes to chocolate chip cookies or ice cream! I'd rather be second or third or never when it comes to charging into battle. And you need to be fourth at bat to get a grand slam right? So I guess it all depends on what you're talking about.
  • either one is okay with me

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