• until i say "eh" (canada)
  • I'm a Canadian and have done quite a lot of travelling. I find that most usually guess that I am Canadian. Same as The Anonymous Witch, the eh gives it away. I've also been told that Canadians say please and thank you a lot (not implying we are more polite).
  • I don't think it's likely that people in Europe and North Africa, the only places I have travelled to, would mistake an Englishman for an American - Australians and New Zealanders certainly wouldn't.
  • em no one has ever though I was American but when I was in American some of them though I was Australian lol
  • Nope, I have a strong Scottish accent and use a lot of Scottish words in my speech, so I don't think that could happen.
  • They do until I get a few sentences in and then they realize that I'm not...they figure out I'm Canadian pretty quickly....I sometimes use French words or phrasing (being from Montréal), so they know I'm not American...
  • Not so far!
  • I exaggerate my accent so that I won't be mistaken for an American. People are MUCH nicer to you if they don't think you're an American tourist.
  • As a UK-type person I was once mistaken for a Portuguese in America. Most odd, as I am quite pale and speak no Portuguese.
  • Mostly yes, except for possibly England where they seem more able to distinguish a Canadian accent from an American one. Once when I was traveling in Hong Kong a merchant in Stanley Market asked me if I was from Australia which I thouoght was pretty funny.
  • worse still, english!!!!!!LOL
  • Nope, never been mistaken for a Yank. I've been mistaken for being German and Spanish though LOL. When i was in Portland Oregon, i was on a bus, and an American had heard me speak, and thought i had a German accent, must have never been to Yorkshire before lol. When i was in Tenerife i was sat with my wife, and a man asked if i was spanish, but i have dark hair and eyes, and tan easily so can understand it.
  • Yes. When in Japan, people asked me and my friends if we were American. We started exaggerating our accents, and we found that people treated us a bit better. Maybe it was our imaginations... But I think US tourists aren't really looked upon too kindly in some places.
  • I'd dread the day when someone thinks I'm American :P
  • never - aussie born and bred....

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