• The Statue of Liberty
  • For me, the most iconic place would have been the Pyramids by Giza, Egypt. 77 Bavarian Alps, Germany 77 Scottish Highlands, United Kingdom 75 Brittany, France 72 Tuscany, Italy 72 Salzburg Historic Center, Austria 71 Amsterdam Historic Center, Netherlands 65 Yosemite Area, California, U.S. 62 Prague Old Town, Czech Republic 51 Venice and Lagoon, Italy 48 Luxor (Thebes, Valley of the Kings), Egypt 45 Pyramids, Giza, Egypt 42 Costa Brava, Spain Excerpt from that list: "Best & Worst Destinations Rated, 2009" "133 Places Rated: The List, by Score"
  • The Empire State Building
  • The Tower of London.
  • Buckingham Palace London United Kingdom. +5
  • Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England.
  • Donnington! :-/
  • I think two cities I have visited stand out in my mind, which have numerous famous "icons": a. New York City b. Mexico City
  • Duomo di Milano
  • Normandy, Qatar, Dubai, and Cuba
  • Abroad, probably the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, where the position of the Berlin wall is marked in the pavement.
  • The Wall in China
  • Yosemite, Yellowstone are probably the ones.
  • Battleboro VT for its zoo of quite unususual animals. Included was a male albino peacock all white with ruby red eyes. A miniature deer and antelope the size of cocker spaniels and a tabby cat with heterochromatic eyes.
  • Spandau prison in Berlin, Germany. At the time, it was still occupied by Rudolf Hess, Hitler's second in command. The four military powers that governed military power in Germany after WW2 were located in different sectors of Berlin and took turns posting guards to watch over him - I pulled that duty for two weeks. There were several guard towers around the parameter, but I was assigned to the one that overlooked the area where he took his daily walks and saw him quite a few times. I didn't know anything about him at the time (I was just an 18-year-old kid who couldn't have cared less about history), but after learning how he died, my interest in history was peaked since the claims were too disbelievable. I have since delved into history deeper than many others can fathom.
  • the big pineapple
  • The Great Wall of China
    • 11stevo73
      Which one is it The Great Wall of China or Jerusalem? cat got your tounge you can answer a question 10 times but not a comment?
  • I was in Madame Tussauds in London, England when I was a child.

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