• That is not compulsory everywhere in the US as far as I know. I think it's a good law. However, I also think it should be a personal choice.
  • You must have a death wish my friend. You can be the best driver in the world and have someone crash into you and make you instant roadkill. I believe that some states without a compulsory helmet law require the rider to cover all their own medical costs in cases when they're not wearing one when injured. They get to live (or die) with the choice they make. Insurance won't touch it. Like speed limits interfere with my enjoyment of driving but I certainly understand why they put them in place;)
  • I'm with you. It's the christian way to tell people what's good for them. Even non-christians in this society have the habit. The law shouldn't exist. Pure and simple.
  • Because idiots who ride motorcycles without helmets have a tendency to smoosh their brains all over the road, and the cleanup, and sometimes the medical bills, are paid for by the taxpayer.
  • Enforced wearing of helmets has decreased the deaths in accidents of many motorcyclists in the U.S., Suby. On the downside, it has reduced the number of available cadavers for medical schools,..which has led to increased advertisement for leaving your body to science. You can even indicate it on your driver's license. Young, previously healthy, cadavers are preferred by med schools.
  • If I had a motorcycle and it wasn't against the law then I wouldn't use a helmet, as I much prefer to go without one.
  • Because the roads would be decorated with brains.
  • You could ride in Indiana, there is not a helmet law here.
  • more people shall die if that where to happen, it be a sad day when that comes true.
  • I agree with you - but when I was a teenager, a truck actually collided with me, knocked me off my bike, and DROVE OVER MY HEAD - I'm not kidding. I would be long dead if it weren't for that helmet.
  • It can actually save your life to wear one. Most bikers die from head injuries.
  • I'm guessing because insurance rates would be much higher without a helmet law. If that were the case, I'm guessing a lot of motorcyclists would not have insurance which would probably lead to the family paying all of the damage bills when the rider smashes his/her brains on the sidewalk. And if the family couldn't pay for it, I imagine the tax payers would. Which would suck for me as a tax payer, considering I had to pay higher taxes so some D-bag could feel the wind on his hair. Besides all of that they say sex is much more pleasurable if you stragle yourself to the point of almost dieing just as you climax. But really, no matter how much better it feels, is that risk really worth it?
  • Just take that noisy old motor off the bike, Suby. Grownups can usually ride push-bikes helmet-free.
  • Im sorry Suby...But Im kind of glad they have the law. My brother also rides a bike and I dont think its a law here but wish it was. He gave me a ride awhile back and said it isnt. I wish he would wear one.
  • Helmets save lives. That's why. My godfather wouldn't be here today without the helmet he was wearing when he crashed his bike into a semi truck.
  • Probably because it prevents your brains from painting the road if you crash.
  • Don't do it....just don't... . . .
  • I would never ride without a helmet. Your head could be split completely in half or flattened without one, or you could just bonk it on something and your brain would swell up and kill you, but the law should have no say in this, its your bike and your life.
  • I used to race bikes. Crashed with another guy. I went over the high side head first and was knocked out. After I got outta the hospital, I examined my helmet. It was cracked all to hell. Then there was this kid I knew who was speeding off to the next bar. (cafe) He lost control and hit a pole with his head. Next morning, I saw some of his hair imbedded in the pole and the red spot covered in kitty litter nearby where his body came to rest.
  • Because that "enjoyment" only lasts until your first accident and usually results in your skull resembling a dropped melon.
  • you'll be glad that you wore a helmet if you ever hit your head
  • Run for office!

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