• no or yes
  • Yes. Every year I try to get at least two deer.
  • yes, I accidentally killed a blackbird which flew into my bike wheel. :(
  • I've killed a couple mice in my time. And a couple months ago I ran over a beagle that ran out in the road in front of me. Broke my heart. I was in a big full sized truck and there wasn't anything I could do. I was useless for days!
  • sure. I am a hunter. animals are meant to be killed. that is why we have guns. the unfortunate thing is hunters for the most part are wimps without their guns. even a fifty caliber flint lock could stop a grizzly bear. man has always had weapons. if he had to kill with his hands, he would be in trouble and would no doubt lose.
  • When I was driving, squirrel came middle of the road by accidentally I killed it.
  • Yeah when I go hunting. +4
  • I shot a salmon once with a .22 rifle. [I ain't proud of it] ;-)
  • I killed a toad with the lawn mower. It was very upsetting to me.
  • Yes,I've hit a pheasant with my car,and a squirrel.I have had a few pets put down and I used to fish alot.I don't hunt simply because it's easier to go to the grocery store.
  • Yep. I ran over a rodent once (I don't remember what kind). I've set a few mouse traps that subsequently caught mice. I actually had to kill one mouse that was trapped but not dead. One of my cats was really sick and there was nothing that could be done for her, so I took her to get put down (I don't know if that counts since I didn't give her the injection). And I hunt.
  • One time I chopped off a chickens head that we were going to eat when I was little.. I didn't really want to, but I did it anyways. I can't believe I would have done something like that cause I've always been such an animal person. The chicken tasted pretty gross... Then me and my friend I grew up were playing with a pellet gun when we were little and aiming at a bird, I didn't think we'd hit it but he(my friend) did.. then we both felt really bad and so we buried it and gave it a little funeral.
  • Yea i killed my boyfriend!!!! He was an animal!!!
  • Yes, I hit a cat and i've hit a squirrel .... I felt really bad ; BUT each time they had ran right out in front of me and it was them or damage my car in a wreck ... +5
  • I hit a rabbit with a car once, it made an awful sound.
  • I have killed many animals. Mostly fish for food, but I have killed many birds for fun as a kid, unfortunately and a few others while driving. :-(
  • I've run over a rabbit and a cat, and at least two birds. Each time it was not something I wanted to have happen.
  • A few.
  • I ran over a deer, once. T_T Put me in the worst mood, ever. Made me not want to drive for a very long time. Good thing we have a great deal of them, around here, or I would've felt worse. >_>
  • Yes *tears* I was 17 and it was my first time drinking. I had came home to see my TV/VCR and stand in the living room. I went to move the stand with the TV and VCR atop it, I remembered to unplug the TV but not the VCR. THe VCR ended up snagging and dropping on one of my sisters kittens. THe kitten got its tiny head smashed in, flopped like a flounder and then died. I ended up telling my sister that I didnt know what happened to the cat, and came home to it smashed. I then planted the seed that perhaps she may have accidentally stepped on it with her clogs (she was drinking) and maybe just didnt realize it. Well she bought it, and I was off da hook

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