• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Recognized Benefits

    Tea scattered around gardens, in spent tea bags, or steeped in water added to plants might be beneficial to the soil quality and, therefore, the health of your plants. The acidity in tea makes it even better for plants with a high acidic level such as roses and other flowering bushes.

    On the Other: Common Concerns

    While most experts appear to agree that tea added to a garden will not harm your plants, the benefits remain unclear. Non-acidic plants may not yield any benefits from tea, and the acidity may affect them negatively. Tea can be added to compost, however, and benefits for your garden may be found from tea in this manner.

    Bottom Line

    As long as it is not added to plants while hot, tea can be beneficial for gardens as well as indoor and outdoor plants. Acidic plants might benefit more than other types of plants, so adding tea to your roses is good idea.


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