• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Passenger-Side Rear Seat Is the Most Popular

    A 2008 study published in Pediatrics magazine has shown that parents are more likely to put their child's car seat on the passenger rear side, because of the ease in installing the car seat as well as the ability to easily reach for and monitor the child. The study showed 41 percent of participants placing the seat here.

    On the Other: Center Seat Leads to Fewer Injuries

    The study also showed, however, that children in car seats placed in the center rear seat were 43 percent less likely to sustain injury during a car accident. This option tends to be more popular among parents during the child's early years; however, it does not become safer to place the child elsewhere as they age.

    Bottom Line

    Place car seats where they fit the most snugly. If a car seat does not fit comfortably and securely in the center rear seat, then move it to the left or right rear seats. Furthermore, the car seat should always be placed in the back seat, as this cuts the risk of death by 36 percent.


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