• When you first connect your cable connection to your TV, you may encounter a variety of problems with the image quality, or the picture quality might degrade unexpectedly. There are several possible solutions, especially if you are using an HDTV (High-Definition Television).

    Connections and Inputs

    If your cable TV was working previously, check in the back to make sure that your cables are secure. If this is an HDTV, make sure its input settings haven't been accidentally changed or otherwise altered.


    If this is a new connection to a standard TV, make sure to use component video cables instead of S-video or composite cables. If this is an HDTV, component or HDMI cables are required for HD signals.

    High Definition

    If this is a new connection to an HDTV, also make sure that your TV is tuned to a channel that is broadcasting a high-definition signal. Many channels are only standard definition, in which case the TV may automatically "stretch" the image, which is an awkward compromise.


    High wind can knock down telephone poles that support television cables. Flooding can cause water to get into a neighborhood cable box and cause an electrical short.


    If you still can't find a solution, try calling your cable company's customer support line. Be prepared to wait in a queue before they can get to your call.


    Component Video Overview

    HDTV Resolution Explained

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