• Bamboo plants are fast growing, affordable and exotic. Walking into a dense bamboo grove, or even seeing a bright green tree indoors, is a little bit mystical. With 1,000 species to choose from, you can find a bamboo plant that will live a long and healthy life in almost any part of the world.


    When picking out a bamboo plant, one of the biggest factors to take into consideration is the climate it will be growing in. There are so many types of bamboo that there's no reason to get a variety that will struggle to survive an extreme temperature shift. If you experience temperatures as low as minus-20 degrees F during the winter, consider the hardy Yellow Groove bamboo. If you have low temperatures and high wind, the yellow-and-green-striped Spectabilis is an option. Dwarf and Rivercane are other good cold climate choices. If you live somewhere temperate, such as Florida or California, your bamboo choices are almost limitless.


    Bamboo plants can grow to your height or taller than a two-story house. An unexpectedly hot summer could cause your bamboo to shoot up to amazing heights if you choose a giant bamboo type. Giant Leaf bamboo grows to be about 10 feet tall and does well as an indoor container plant. Ruscus is another short bamboo, capping at about 7 feet. If you're looking for a mammoth species of bamboo, try the elegant Giant Grey Henon, which is drought tolerant and can grow up to 65 feet high.


    Choosing a plant to complement your home aesthetic is the best part of buying bamboo. If you prefer classic bamboo, big leaves, striped stalks or one that makes a statement, there are varieties to fit your style. In addition, bamboo comes in more colors than just golden brown. For example, black bamboo, which is almost jet black with neon green leaves, is a pretty and unusual choice. Lama Temple is a radiant yellow, and Crookstem bends like a twisty straw. Visit your local nursery or bamboo grove to find a species that has presence. Seeing the tree in person will make the decision much easier.


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