• The Internet can be a wonderful resource or the source of your worst nightmare. Without the proper protection software, like website filters or spyware, the Internet can spoil your kid's childhood innocence or cost you your identity. Internet safety is a term used to define how safe your Internet environment is.


    There is no universally accepted definition of Internet safety. The word Internet refers to a network of computers connected together. Internet safety describes how safe your internet environment is.

    Safe Internet Environment for Kids

    Using protection software to block websites containing adult material is a great way to provide a safe Internet environment for children. Most Internet service providers (ISP) give you the ability to block websites. In addition, talking to your kids about using the Internet and monitoring your kid's usage of the Internet helps to build a kid-friendly Internet environment.

    Protecting Your Identity

    Disclosing personal information, like your social security number or credit card number, online makes you more vulnerable to theft. Only disclose personal information on secure websites that you trust.


    Be wary of email schemes. Some identity thieves pose as legit business people and ask you for personal information. This is one way a thief can steal your identity.

    Getting Help

    If you fail at providing your family a safe Internet environment, contact the appropriate authorities. Call the police if you encounter a sexual predator online and contact the Federal Trades Commission at (866) 653-4261 if your identity is stolen.


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