• Maybe you grab a cup of coffee each morning. What does that jolt of caffeine do to your blood pressure? The American Heart Association reports on caffeine studies, and the answers are mixed. Generally though, the association says that it is not harmful to consume one or two cups of coffee (or its caffeine equivalent) each day.

    Study of Men

    The American Heart Association reports on a study of men in 2000, including men with high blood pressure, high-normal blood pressure and normal blood pressure. This study revealed that caffeine does increase blood pressure, but it was not an equal increase in all the groups of men; the greatest impact was seen in men who had high-normal blood pressure or high blood pressure.

    Study of People in Their 70s

    Based on a 1999 study of people in their 70s, the American Heart Association states that caffeine had the greatest effect on people already diagnosed with high blood pressure. For older individuals with high blood pressure, limiting caffeine intake is recommended.

    Study of Women

    For women who consume caffeine, the American Heart Association reports that researchers have found little difference in blood pressure between women who consumed low amounts of caffeine and those who drank a lot of it.

    Study of the Effects of Energy Drinks

    Many energy drinks have high levels of caffeine. Researchers have found that for healthy young adults, consuming two energy drinks a day for a week caused an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. People with high blood pressure or heart disease should avoid energy drinks.


    For healthy individuals, an average amount of caffeine (2 to 4 cups of brewed coffee each day) is not harmful. For adults with high-normal blood pressure or high blood pressure, the studies suggest that limiting caffeine intake is advised.


    American Heart Association

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