• When you use minutes over the amount allotted for your plan. Per minute charges are those charges for each minute over your alloted amount.
  • Usage charges, also called overage, occur when you use more "Anytime Minutes" than what is included in your rate plan. You may want to consider upgrading your rate plan or feature package if you see usage charges on your bill on a regular basis. Your voice usage is billable at the per minute charge based upon your rate plan. To review the minutes of usage on your bill, the following two options will provide you with details: Detailed billing - Select Bill & Payments from My Account home page and then select the View/Print Full Bill button. Call Details - Select Bill & Payments from My Account home page and then select the Call Detail tab.
  • 40 cents a minute, which is insane. Used to be 25 cents. Verizon sucks, go with someone else.
  • Most post-paid cellphone plans come with a limited number of peak minutes for free. For example, when you sign up for $39.99 plan with AT&T, you get 450 peak (anytime) minutes every month. When you use more minutes in a month than what you are allowed in that month as per the cellphone plan that you have signed up for, the extra minutes are called overage minutes. Wireless providers charge a very high per minute fees for the overage minutes. For AT&T, the overage charge currently is 45 cents per minute. To prevent overage charges, you can use #MIN to check your minutes at least a few times everyday. A better way is to use a service like ( that checks your minutes for you automatically and sends you an alert by email and text-message when you are about go over your minutes.

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