• Yes. +5
  • I'm probably going to have to buy a new computer sometime next year. I'll probably buy one with Windows 7. I hear it's really good.
  • Most likely.
  • Meh... I doubt it.
  • Yes, when I get a new computer in the near future.
  • I've actually had it for a couple months now, I downloaded the release copy. By March I will have to buy the comercial version. So far I like it.
  • HELL YA!!! My copy of windows 7 ultimate 64 is on the way! Ive been beta and rc testing 7 since its start. It is the best os ive used. Exteremely user friendly, very power proficient and performance reliable.
  • From what I understand, it isn't that much different from Vista - just a little less top heavy. I probably won't upgrade until I have to.
  • I will leave it until early 2010 to see what the reaction is from users between now and then.
  • I am not sure yet. Here is an article from South Africa called "Do You Have Window Pains? ""Why is it called Windows?" goes the old joke, "Because it makes you want to throw your computer out of one." So when Microsoft launched the latest version of their operating system - Windows 7 - on 22 October, many people were understandably sceptical...."" I hope you find it helpful.
  • I'm getting a new computer at the moment. I might torrent Windows 7, otherwise I'll just stick with Vista To be honest, I've had no problems with Vista, and don't understand why people are always complaining about it
  • Not yet. As a teacher, I'll get a special price on it, but they haven't made that offer yet. I do plan on installing it because I've heard good things about Windows 7.
  • Why is that going to be the most efficient, least expensive, and most effective operating system? Or are they just going to come up with another OS not long after that's better? (I hate planned obsolescence.) +3
  • Why get Windows 7, when they haven't even perfected Windows 6?
  • I might... It will depend on if I'll be able to get a new computer, AND on the overall people's response to the system over time.
  • If my old computer have alot of problems, then yes.
  • I thought we were up to at least Windows 12 by now. That's how much I pay attention. I have the latest whatever that is.
  • Yes. I bought a new computer a couple of months ago and it came with the free upgrade.

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