• I'm that size and I don't think of myself as fat at all. Maybe a size 4 would feel different
  • As long as you can readily find that size at normal clothing shops then you are not fat.
  • Fat? Sounds thin to me. 16-18 and up is fat.
  • It sure is if you are 5 feet one or two.
  • HELL NO! i WISH that i was a size 9! im a 13 right now. THATS FAT. ugh. you are NOT FAT
  • if the jeans fit its not fat, though some people can have amazing legs and be really top heavy and have a stomach. but the jeans and the legs in them are not fat. :) (although you can have slim legs and have no mussle in them lol) but ya i wouldnt consider it fat. lol +4
  • Being fat is a relative term. For instance, if a 8-9 woman has only ever met or saw women who wore 18-20 (I don't know how women's jeans sizes work so I'm making up numbers) then wouldn't she consider herself thin? So now the question becomes knowing average body weights/ sizes throughout the world, is it bigger than the average? I have no idea and frankly I don't think it should matter. It usually has to do with someone's insecurities in which case they are just looking for assurances that people don't think they're fat. Or because a guy doesn't want his buddies bustin balls for dating a "fat chick." I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. There's more important things to worry about.

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