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  • Communicate with your partner, discuss it, you have to.
  • I would say 1. Talk to each other to see why the marriage is sexless 2. get into therapy to see why the marriage is sexless...and ofcourse after that starting to figure things up and fix it...slowly... (this considering it isn't just a phase when one is busy or depressed and fine candlight dinner(s) would do the trick)
  • well it would b best if u talked to ur partner and c what da prob is but other than talking ur parnter jus might not like 2 b sexually
  • then ur screwed
  • Just a couple of thoughts. Intimacy, physical affection and sex are all rather different animals. In what I see above it looks like they are all being mixed up with each other under the heading of sex. While it is true that "some" women lose interest in sex during or after menopause recent studies show that it is not as prevalent as many think. Many menopausal, post menopausal women actually find their interest in sex is greater due to several different reasons (i.e. no risk of pregnancy, greater privacy and freedom as the kids have left the nest or are of an age that they are not at home as much...). If she is in menopause then yes her hormones are changing and lower levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone will cause a decrease and sometime stop the desire for sex. However more times than not research shows that a lack of sexual desire tends to be emotional/relationship based rather than just a physical cause being the primary reason. Depression is something that needs to be given consideration particularly if you had a good and healthy sex life prior to the onset of menopause. Bear in mind if you will all of the pressures our society places on a woman particularly where what is considered to be desirable in a youth is beautiful society. Also as your wife sees your wanting sex as the problem, rather than being concerned about not wanting to have sex with you anymore. It smacks of depression or upset of some kind. While an OBGYN can tell you that all is fine with her reproductive system an endocrinologist is the one who can tell you what is going on with her hormones (or even the right type of blood work getting done thru your family doctor). Many endocrinologist and family doctors have helpful alternatives to HRT so to would a homeopathic practitioner particularly if you had the blood work in hand showing what is not in balance. Many of these alternative treatments are natural as well so it's akin to adopting a healthier diet type of thing rather than a pop a pill for the rest of your life attitude. For your own benefit it might be helpful for you to get some counseling on your own to help you sort out the issues and to help you cope with the situation as it sits right now. Yes couples counseling would be desirable however it seems that you may be dealing with more than just one issue. If your wife sees you seeking help and answers on your own she may be more willing to go to couples counseling. You could try to force her to go to counseling but if she is not ready she may just end up resenting you for it. It is a tough situation to be in and if you seek help on your own and then with your wife be prepared it can get rather sticky and have some surprises that you never expected. But if you love each other it is worth the effort. Be patient and kind with her and yourself the best to you and good luck.
  • Hi, You can go to a therapist together and if will not come with you then you should go alone to try and figure out by yourself how this can change. There are many causes why someone loses their sex drive: 1. Physical due to aging, medication, or illnesses 2. Emotional 3. Personal - for some this can be a religious thing. Whatever it is, what you're describing is far from normal. Just realize that this is not your fault and that you're fat from alone. To read more about sexless marriages you can go to:
  • Well I talk to my parnter and seek counseling. While that going I would masturbate my ass off. But I do everything in my power to help solve the problem.

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