• after taxes i could get myself a Slurpee
  • well, it'd pay off my parents car and whatever's left of the house. it'd help me pay for insurance, help my dad pay the bills, help me and my bro get into college, let my parents retire early. it'd letme buy a new refridgerator (mine leaks), a new Xbox for my firend (their warranty expired), a new dryer for the same friend (something busted so everytime u walk in their laundry room it feels like a sauna), a new AC system for my neighbors (they keep getting scammed by the same people and their ignorance, gullibility, and stupidity pisses me off), I'd buy proffesionals to eliminate the bat problem at my school. :)
  • It would help me a lot with my plans for my plans in my future.
  • Money doesn't buy happiness I've been given three million but I'm just as happy with my four million.
  • Hopefully a 100% turn or change for: probably the best, but who knows for sure?
  • wow. i would actually be able to eat every night of the week instead of scabbing on my parents for dinner! Iowuld be ableto sleep because i wouldnt be stressing abotu how i am gong to m=apy my electricity bill etc... it would be fabulous- are you offereing it to me?? Wow my work really needs to pay me a bit more i think
  • It would pay off my debts. I could build my own home and have money left for a soft retirement. Its been said that one needs a million to retire comfortably. I keep playing the lotteries, hoping for that three million nest egg to fall my way.
  • It will help you to fill significant amount of the hole of the balance sheet of my company.

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