• Only if he had a warrant.
  • If he had a warrant or if he had reason to believe a crime was in progress, yes it is lega.
  • only with a warrant or something PLAINLY visable that is illegal.
  • wether its legal or not, id be pretty ticked
  • Not without a warrant.
  • Its called "probable cause" a warrant not necessarily needed. . However only you know the real reason why they showed up and entered in that manner. So what was the end result, what did you do when you saw them?
  • I greatly enjoyed this debate with you but like the other one is going nowhere. You sit on one side of the desk, I sit on the other. It's your job, your profession to defend your client. I get that. Hell I even respect that. I work the law just like you do Bubba, we are just sitting on opposite sides of the desk. And "Plain View Doctrine" use to work wonders for me. Just like some cops, lawyers use what works for them, bending and twisting a situation. I do wish you well. I have enjoyed this greatly I did learn few things about you.........
  • Go to the sheriff's Office and file a criminal complaint for illegal trespass, let the officer defend himself for the crime he has committed.

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