• I loved getting food in care packages. Like chips and cookies, candy. Just plain old junk food. Its hard to come by in some places in Iraq. Pictures are always nice. Maybe put a baseball and some gloves so they can pass the time outside their hooch.
  • some stuff from the gadget shop
  • I'd definately appreciate a good book or two. If he's in a war zone, maybe one with an optimistic theme about it. A really good one is called 'The Youngest Hero,' about a kid baseball player. Just finished readin one called 'Small Town Girl,' that was also very entertaining, about a big time country singer comes home to care for her mother after hip surgery.
  • Definitely some food treats, like candy & cookies ^_^ Maybe something cute & small - like a wind-up robot?
  • well if you want him to have "fun" then a certain kinda pictures lol jk or send him socks with a funny mesage lol... maybe a football to play catch those would work for me. O! and some gum i would love gum if i was there
  • an mp3 player, phone cards, football/baseball but NO PORN or BOOZE at all - they will get in huge trouble for this. Personal letters from family and friends are big hits too
  • Football / Baseball / "Lawn games" Junk food Cards (regular poker decks, maybe Uno or the like) Handheld games Fun books, including card game rules (LOL) Pictures of people they know, especially of babies and children, and their GF/BF/SO... Homemade cookies, brownies, etc. Remember it's HOT over there, so very little, if any, that will MELT in the heat, as far as food goes.
  • well would it be considered porn if you arent naked lol
  • Movies and games,if you can afford it out them on an Ipod.
  • what if one of your "friends" just happened to POP OUT as u took the photo lol
  • When my son was in the Navy and out at sea, these are some of the things I'd put in his care packages: magazines new books Chai tea mix (he loves Chai tea and I found a powder mix) Lots of lip balm Hand held games (and batteries!). Travel games (like travel Scrabble, Scattergories, etc.) Puzzle books Playing Cards Trail mix Candy & gum
  • What a nice gesture! If he doesn't have one already, I'd send a few disposable cameras. Not to take of the war zone, but of his buddies. Beef jerky! A set of poker chips. They probably have a lot of cards, but maybe not poker chips. Dominos. Chapstick.
  • ... a small portable DVD player and a stack of carefully screened DVDs, including some home made DVDs with "hellos" from everyone he knows back home ... ... check Iraq's laws and make sure you do not send anything illegal, like porn, alcohol, or even cards or dice (no gambling or magic tools for fortune telling) !!! __________ ... maybe a solar panel / windmill recharger and several battery packs ...
  • well he is screwed lol he might have to go with just memories lol or you could send him an ipod or mp3 so yh those i would love to have
  • he might have access to itunes but if not send him a cd player and a bunch of cds and then he is really screwed no memories and no pictures lol
  • This is what my family used to send me when I was there: Cigarettes Chewing tobacco candy (that won't melt) books magazines Porn liquor hand held games (Nintentdo DS, PSP) beef jerky (although it makes you thirsty) powdered gatorade DVDs (depending if he has access to a DVD player) Letters from friends and family, school kids . My grandmother used to send me brownies (there were still warm when I got them) but they would disappear in about a minute

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