• yes and yes! its wayyy harder to say no to a fellow who makes you laugh :) they are sooo cuddly and darling! :)
  • In my case that is 100% true! I have a friend who I thought, before I got to know him, was pretty unattractive. Then I discovered his sense of humour, and he is just the hottest thing to me now! If a woman likes to laugh, then a GSOH is always an advantage for a man.
  • Oh yes. A guy with a good sense of humour would catch my attention.
  • If a man's sense of humour makes you laugh then yes, he instantly becomes attractive. Mind you, I have made the mistake of falling for that when there have been other off-putting things, but somehow a sense of humour hits home and does the trick, even when other senses are saying 'noooo'!
  • oh yes, it a requirement Suby for both men and women. Life is about laughing and having fun everyday. Most don't like a "stick in the mud" person who is moody. +5
  • im not sure what an aphordisiac is, but as for a good sence of humor in men being attractive to women, YES! deffentially, i really enjoy funny things and i cant stand guys that can laugh or just let go and be funny. +4
  • It's a plus but not a deal maker/breaker. If the guy is homeless, or has hygiene issues or is sexually-incompatible or totally obnoxious -- those are deal breaker.
  • Most definately Suby..I would say that humour would have an advantage over looks (although some would disagree!) most ladies like a man who can make them smile :D
  • Suby. I have been laughed into bed more than once. Lack of humour is a real passion killer.
  • most of the women i guess would find it good if a man got a good sense of humor...that would as well say that, that man has a good confident in his self.
  • I would agree but for the word "always"
  • Good humor is so endearing! I always find myself instantly drawn to a guy that can really make me laugh and think at the same time. There have been times where I guy who I initially considered unattractive, became very appealing over time just because of his humor and personality. The looks were overshadowed by the fact that the guy made me laugh hysterically and I had amazing conversations with him.
  • No Suby. Aprhodisiac for a woman is what's in her head...not what's outside trying to attact her attention. Kind, funny, considerate, respectful, fair, accepting, honest...I am attracted to such people, men and women. No character trait or personallity trait or anything extrinsic is an aphrodisiac. It all comes together inside a woman's brain/imagination and until men realize that they will bat zero! :)
  • Yes it is, their sense of humor, makes them so much more attractive.
  • Yes!Yes!Yes!
  • Yeah, I like a guy with a good sense of humour.

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