• I don't think dogs have taste buds on their tongues like people do. That's why if you cook for your dogs you shouldn't use spices like you would for your own food. Dogs go by what they smell and will eat something if it smells good to them.
  • I'm not sure if it's taste or smell; but there are some foods that my dog sticks her nose at and refuses to eat!
  • Megcham is right... dogs' tongues are smooth because they have less tastebuds than humans. They are primarily attracted to food by smell. Unfortunately, the foods that "taste/smell" better tend to be nasty foods with all sorts of bad-for-them ingredients to make the food more appealing. However, I have my dog on California Natural, which only has 4 ingredients (it's a GREAT food), but he gobbles it down.
  • Commercial pet food companies use extra things to entice dogs and cats to eat their food....they spray the kibble after it has been processed...Often high in salt and fats. This is the smallest reason I choose to feed a Species Appropriate diet of RAW MEATS, ORGANS AND BONES (wrapped in a lot of meat!)
  • My dog rarely complains.
  • The smell you smell on dog food is grease that is sprayed on the over processed mostly waste food products. The oils are mostly obtainted from you local fast food stores and human food plants that they don't know how else to get rid of. The foods are also infused with a nutrient supplement because there are none left in the junk they just made, dyes are added to make it pretty for you, money spent to make a pretty bag for you and a label that few understand. The why is nothing better is simple - few demend better. I make home made foods for our dogs with such weird things as hamburger, rice, carrots, etc....Dogs will eat pretty much what you give them as what is their other choice? +5
  • Dogs go more on smell than taste.

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