• The way I "rationalize" my own belief-system, is I logically realize that everything that currently exists, had to have "a start," or "a beginning," and that everything that currently exists must have been created by someone else or something else, simply because, as any scientist will tell you, "the banana did NOT self-create," as something that doesn't exist, cannot "cause itself" to come into existence. So, if we, as human beings did not "self-create," then it is logical to assume that someone else or something else must have caused our creation, right? I believe that some intelligent entity, whom I call "Gawd," caused me to come into existence, because I didn't do it on my own. No one has proven otherwise to me (with any empirical evidence), so I'll continue to believe as I do, until such time as "proof," one way or the other, is presented. +5
  • "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all." - Futurama God
  • God doesn't give any signs simply because there is no god.
  • Don't think of God as a neurotic judgmental Zeus-like (except omnipotenter) being out there. Still your thoughts and look within for the "God" that is "just" the source of All, the life force, the Oneness; not "a being" but Beingness.
  • The term god as we understand it, leads us to believe that there is this dude who created us and may care about us. There is no evidence to that. However, is there evidence to an apathetic god? Only in the sense that you believe we had to come from some intelligent creator or being. I have a hard time believing this because then that being would have had to come from somewhere. Who created it? I don't think god does exist which explains the no evidence. I don't think he is playing mind games either if he doesn't exist. . I'm guessing that was your point and if you're trying to get religious people to answer, they will always come up with some argument, but it will ultimately come down to "faith" or "belief." If there is no evidence then I have no reason to believe another person on their beliefs because they know about as much as I do, and I'll admit my own ignorance. It's hard to get others to admit to their own.
  • I like Voltaire's response to such questions: We must all tend our own garden.
  • First of all you need to really go deep and think about the possibility of what God is. Think upon the entire universe which is a speck in the face of eternity. Do you think God in His infinite wisdom is contemplating being disappointed that you don't think he is the shit? He made you. He knows you are trying to figure things out. You did nor do anything wrong because you question God. At least you are being honest and making a genuine attempt to see what is true. God does not play needless games. God does not do anything that is needless. You are on a path that opens into a wonderment of divine bliss. God is not trying to keep you from it, He is trying to unfold it for your physical mind so you can begin to grasp what is next. Keep searching. I don't expect you to take anyting at face value and neither does God.
  • No god as described by any person or religion exists - and probably none at all. Don't sweat it. +5
  • God exists. Why do u think that man has always been trying to explain him through religion? Why do u think that one of the main religions that has impacted the world and has been studied for centurys upon centurys is widely accepted as true (Catholism/Christian)? God has to exist. He defys the natural sciences, while the big bang DOES NOT. God might just be the "big bang". What if we are all technically a part of god in that way. Ill know the answers to these questions when i die ^_^ until then im moving on with a belief in god.
  • Reason it out. If the knowledge of God was *********************** God's NUMBER 1 PRIORITY *********************** why on Earth would He allow any possibility of you not knowing? Do you really believe He would leave something *********************** AS IMPORTANT AS THAT *********************** open to interpretation or delegate the task of delivering this valuable information through someone else? Do you believe He would even ALLOW an OPTION to ********************** QUESTION HIS AUTHORITY? ********************** Considering the fallacy of such reasoning do you think that MAYBE just maybe there's a slim possibility that there MIGHT be... ...something wrong with this picture?
  • No, Exactly TwentyLetters. God is not playing mind games with you, you are playing mind games with God. If you want to find out with 100% certainty that God exists and that He has revealed Himself thru Jesus Christ in the flesh, all you have to do is simply obey His command to repent--simply confess your sins to Him, and believe the gospel, and He will reveal Himself to you. Then you WILL KNOW God exists, because you WILL KNOW Him.
  • If God came down to Earth and preformed a miracle, there would still be people who didn't believe him. He's just sitting it out until we become more intelligent.
  • Sorry I am so late seeing this. Great question. Christian Theologians explain that God wants us to love him not because we are intimidated by his glory but because we yearn for him in our hearts and have faith in his existence. Salvation is by faith. Ephesians 2:8–9 says, "For it is by grace you have been saved through faith. It is not from yourself or anything you've done, but the gift of God." Salvation, therefore, is a free gift of grace from God. But somehow, that rings hollow with my admittedly limited human understanding. Would you father a child then immediately hide yourself from them in hopes they would love you simply because they eventually realize you gave them life and arranged for their sustenance and shelter? I certainly wouldn't consider that a good way to demonstrate love. Certainly not a good way to win love from that child. I love the grandeur of the universe. I love its precision and its randomness. I am staggered by staring into infinity, which at once must exist but can't exist in my mind. If there is a creator of all this, then I am in awe of the creator. I just have to hope that's close enough to love to do.

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