• To judge by the 'cusp', probably about as great as a hippogriph eating moonbeams for breakfast.
  • The Leo man will be quite self centered and always needs attention.He will spend money haphazardly which a Taurus woman would find unwise.A Taurus woman likes to pamper but the pampering will take it's toll and soon wane.She would prefer a practical sort of love affair but he might get tired of that form of love more quickly. Astrology is quite an exact science when it comes to personality types and the signs of the zodiac.
    • ReiSan
      Some astrologers say that Sun signs are not used in judging compatibility. The look at aspects of key planets, especially his Mars to her Venus.
    • Venus1485
      No, it's not a science, let alone an exact one.
    • Sandra Ursula
      My boyfriend is a Leo, and he isn't self-centered nad doesn't spend money haphazardly.
  • Some astrologers say that Sun signs do not determine compatibility. They look at aspect of planets, especially of his Mars to her Venus.
    • Urban Spaceman
      Yes, but certain elements blend better than others.
  • Cusps don't make any difference. Are you talking about a Taurus woman or a Gemini woman? I will only answer for one or the other.

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